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Founded in 2001, Taaziz is a law company, an active member of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF), which is based in Paris, France.

We specialize in resolving sports disputes between

• clubs and players
• clubs and coaches
• national federations and continental federations (FIFA, CAF etc)

Taaziz also helps with developing administrative and financial works in all sports institutions.

We identify and counsel on legal solutions to protect both academic and underage players.

To help our clients, Taaziz holds regular workshops and seminars to explain new laws and regulations as they relate to sport.

We can also provide durable and long term solutions when negotiating and contracting with sponsors for all sports institutions.

As members of AIAF, Taaziz can represent clubs, players and associations directly, regardless of country.

If you need legal counsel and services, then wherever you are, please feel free to call us.

Mohammed Ammar Asfour

Born in Syria in 1968, Mohammed earned his Masters in Law at the University of Damascus in Syria.  He was admitted to the Bar in 2001, practicing commercial law and litigation related to sports, especially football.

Mohammed moved to Egypt in 2012, being admitted to the Bar there and setting up specialist practice as a lawyer specialized in sports contracts and litigation.  

To date Mohammed has helped numerous clients with both counsel and litigation.