Hello everyone! 

This might be the most awkward moment to launch a business service, but it was many months in planning.  In these last months, as we contact clubs around Africa, we see it is just as important now as it will ever be, because now is a good time for clubs, academies and intermediaries to prepare for the opening of a new season, with much demand for talented players, most probably at more competitive terms than before.

The idea for FootballAfrica Directory came directly from our experiences helping our associate SoccerExpo Agency, a Kenyan football agency, promote its players to football clubs in Europe and the USA.

What we found was that nearly all those clubs would first look at a player’s profile, specifically statistics and videos. Then they would look at the club’s profile, specifically its ranking and performance.  Many times these data are not available, as the club cannot afford to pay high subscription fees to most directories, and they don’t have their own websites to showcase players.

Give your players the best chance, and promote them effectively!

To give your players the best chance, you need to present them well, and present yourself well too.  FootballAfrica Directory is designed to help you do just that. FootballAfrica Directory is exclusively focused on clubs and players in Africa. Here we will:

  • Provide a dedicated page for each club, academy and intermediary to properly present itself in a structured and detailed way
  • Provide a dedicated page for each player to properly present him/herself in a structured and detailed way, and for a club and intermediary to do that for the player
  • Design an easy, free-to-view way for visitors to navigate around the Directory
  • Make the Directory responsive so it is easy to view on smartphones
  • Allow clubs the opportunity to offer sponsors advertizing on the Directory

We aim for FootballAfrica Directory to be the go-to place to find out about great African talent.

We will guide clubs in how to present themselves and their players in the best way possible, so they have a better chance of promoting their players to other clubs in Africa and around the world.

And we will do that with a simple subscription plan that all clubs in Africa can afford.  Starting with a special offer – free to list until 30th September!

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us directly.

Please join us and give your players a really good profile to present to clubs around the world.