Taaziz Football & Law Agency is a football law company based in Damietta, Egypt. It is an active member of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF). Taaziz specializes in resolving sports disputes between clubs and players, clubs and coaches, national federations and continental federations (FIFA, CAF etc).

“We asked FootballAfrica Directory to list us, as we want to improve our public image so we can promote our services better.” said Mohammed Ammar Asfour, founder and senior partner of Taaziz. “We have no experience in online websites. It was very easy for us to provide information,” he continued, ”and they even helped us with the profile and updated our logo, which I really appreciate.”

“As members of AIAF, Taaziz can represent clubs, players and associations directly, regardless of country.” continued Mohammed. “If you need legal counsel and services, then wherever you are, please feel free to call us.”

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