One of Cameroon’s clubs and leading academy has signed up with FootballAfrica Directory.

Olympique de Yaoundé FC (OYFC) was founded in 2010 by Élie Abah Mballa. During this time OYFC participated in several youth championships, the greatest being in 2012 when OYFC won the U17 Théophile Abega Youth Tournament.

Most famously, OYFC was the start point for André Frank Zambo Anguissa‘s fantastic national and international career,  a defensive midfielder now on loan from Fulham FC to Villareal CF, and with a current market value of €20 million.

“For many reasons it was difficult for us to create an online presence for OYFC. Listing with the Football Africa Directory has solved our problem in one stroke. Now we can promote our academy and players to clubs around the world in a way they want to see us.” said Elie Abah Mballa, founder of OYFC.

“Working with Football Africa Directory encouraged us to organize our material and information; in fact they helped us put everything together.” Élie continued.  “Our club and academy stand out in the best possible manner, and this will inspire us to create more information about each player so that international clubs can clearly see the talent we have here. Now we are creating a social media platform to reach out to or community and fans. We really appreciate the support Football Africa Directory has given us – it is great value for us.”

This season OYFC’s club is playing in the amateur Departmental Group C competition. The club plans to win the tournament and be promoted into the Regional League next season.

See OYFC’s listing on the FootballAfrica Directory here.