Nkami International Sports Academy (NISA) is a football club and academy in Cameroon. This year about 150 students aged from 5 to 16 are studying with the Academy. Players from 17 years and above participate in the departmental and other higher leagues in both Cameroon and abroad. NISA players have opportunities to develop their skills in other academies abroad, as well as signing professional contracts with clubs in Cameroon.

Founder and CEO Moses Nchinda Nkamanyi was looking for a way to raise NISA’s profile while building up the club and academy. “FootballAfrica Directory worked very hard to help us put together a presentation of our club and academy such as we never had before. We were guided with patience and understanding through every element. They even set up a new video service on YouTube so we can be better known there.” said Moses.

“FootballAfrica Directory always wants clubs and academies to succeed in presenting themselves well. If the process takers more time, that is never a problem – we go at the speed the club finds comfortable, so that the result looks good and the club sees the benefit and value of a structured on-line presentation.” confirmed Carl Ottersen, founder and publisher of the Directory.

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