AS Mocoba is a successful amateur football club and academy based in Cotonou, Benin, where hundreds of students have passed through the academy’s programs and gone on to play in the club.  Several students have achieved great things, as has AS Mocoba itself, with three awards in past years.

“FootballAfrica Directory reached out to us, offering to help us improve our public image by creating a unique web page for us.” said Barnabé Monhou, founder of AS Mocoba. “They made it very easy for us to provide information,” he continued, ”creating the page as we went along so we could see how it would look.”

“This inspired us to add more material, such as videos, which make the page very appealing. Already ‘Mocoba Benin’ ranks 2nd in a Google search! Our players can now stand out to the public as never before. This will help us promote them to clubs in Benin, in Africa, and around the world. This is a wonderful service for us, and looks very good on smartphones too. Now we will ramp up social media to help get the message out.”

See AS Mocoba’s page here