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FootballAfrica Directory is an online directory of clubs, academies, intermediaries and players in Africa. FootballAfrica Directory gives everyone a unique place to present themselves as international clubs and agents want to see them, with a clear, structured format that highlights successes and achievements.

What FootballAfrica Directory does for you

If you do not have your own website, just a Facebook page and Twitter feed (great for fans but less effective for business), and the international directories like Soccerway, Transfermarkt and WyScout are too expensive to list with, then FootballAfrica Directory is for you.

With FootballAfrica Directory, visitors can discover more about you and your players in a properly structured and presented style.  Instead of using Whatsapp to send out photos and pdfs without content, now you can simply send someone a link to your unique named page, which they can view easily on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

That looks so much more professional, and absolutely increases your chances of success when negotiating for players, partnerships, sponsorships and advertizing.  FootballAfrica Directory actively helps you to be more successful by presenting your club, academy and intermediary better than you have ever done before.

Listing with FootballAfrica Directory costs much less than most alternatives. The first six months of listing is free, so you can see what it does for you before subscribing.  What are you waiting for?

Think of us as your mini-website

  • A unique, named page for the club, academy or intermediary
  • A unique, named page for each player
  • Present club and players in a clear, structured and detailed format
  • Quicker to find you when searching the internet
  • Clubs and agents can contact you directly
  • Send a single link instead of separate photos, videos and pdfs
  • Offer your sponsors extra advertizing space
  • Focus exclusively on clubs and players in Africa
  • Free to view for all visitors
  • Designed for desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-lingual (English, French, Portuguese, Arabic)
  • No worries – you send us content and we manage the pages
  • On line support for all enquiries
We will guide you in how to present yourself and your players in the best way possible, so you have a better chance of promoting your players to clubs and agent in Africa and around the world.

Why FootballAfrica Directory?

The idea for FootballAfrica Directory came directly from our experiences helping our associate SoccerExpo Agency, a Kenyan football agency, promote its players to football clubs in Europe and the USA.

What we found was that nearly all those clubs would first look at a player’s profile, specifically statistics and videos. Then they would look at the club’s profile, specifically its ranking and performance.

Most of the time, the talent scouts and recruitment managers of US and European clubs reply: 

“The player has potential, but you have not provided enough data for us, the photos don’t show us anything and the video isn’t very good. We cannot see any details or statistics about the player or the club on TransferMarkt or WyScout or Soccerway that could help us.  If we cannot see the information we need from you or on an independent site, then sorry but we are really not interested.”

TransferMarkt is a German owned directory with lots of football information, statistics and profiles. WyScout is an Italian company (recently bought by a US sports entertainment company) that does the same, and is famous for having an impressive video collection of players. With headquarters in England, Soccerway is owned by a betting company, so the data they present are there for that purpose, not to promote a club or a player. There are other free and pay-for directories, most of which are out of date, incomplete and try to do more than is possible with the resources they have.

TransferMarkt gives you a lot of things for free, as it is designed for football professionals and fans. If you want to do anything serious with TransferMarkt, then it will cost you at least €20 /month subscription per website. They have one for each country, so if you want list for England, France and Germany then its €60 /month.

You have to pay up-front if you want to do anything at all with WyScout.  It too has lots of football information, statistics and profiles, and it is designed for football professionals only. The entry price is €250 /year, paid in advance. WyScout gives subscribers lots of good tools to use, plus 50 minutes of video viewing time per month. You will soon run out of that, so in the end you will spend at least €600 /year with them.

With its excellent, detailed match data etc, Soccerway looks really good for major clubs and competitions, but it lacks good coverage beyond those clubs and competitions.

The high subscription fees of these three international directories means that only the biggest and richest clubs in Africa can afford to have proper club profiles on listed on them. The quality and detail of player profiles depends partly on the match score feeds the directories use, and what clubs provide. Very often the information is out of date.

The other thing we noticed was that many clubs in Africa don’t have their own websites, just occasional facebook pages or accounts, and Twitter feeds, which are great for fans but not for business. Wikipedia is always out of date, so not a good reference point at all.

That means no-one can discover more about the club in a properly structured and presented style, and also it means no-one can see structured and detailed player profiles either, and almost no videos. What happens when our associate agency contacts a club is that the club manager or player agent sends out a very brief profile in pdf and lots of photos via Whatsapp.  No-one can make sense of this, nor can an international agency forward it on to a club in USA or Europe that way. It is simply impossible to understand, and very unprofessional.

That is why we created the FootballAfrica Directory: to help clubs, academies, intermediaries and players present themselves better, so they get the chance of greater opportunities in the world of football. 

We will absolutely compete directly with TransferMarkt, WyScout and SoccerWay so that the FootballAfrica Directory becomes the go-to place to find out about great African talent.

We will guide clubs in how to present themselves and their players in the best way possible, so they have a better chance of promoting their players to other clubs in Africa and around the world.

And we will do that with a simple subscription plan that all clubs, academies and intermediaries in Africa can afford.

The go-to place for great African football talent